Reading University Anime Society

The Lady Etna welcomes you

Welcome to Reading Anime Society website.


We're a society who enjoy watching anime. We meet twice a week to socialise and watch a variety of different shows and run various lessons (and other things) in our second room.


Meetings are Wednesdays and Fridays from 6:30PM to 10:00PM, held on campus.


As well as the weekly meetings we also do socials that will be updated in the calendar as the year progresses these socials are often joint with other societies, such as GARPS, VGS, SWAGA and Harry Potter.

Here's our committee of 2013-14

I am Fairycheese, your president/leader through the magical world that is anime. I hope you enjoy our wonderful society ^_^

Sebby, your Shadow Pharaoh (or VP) here, name’s Sebastian although I go by a series of other names (including my slightly more official Fi). I hope you guys feel I’m approachable as I should be one of your first points of call if you’ve got any questions or issues.

(You should know I have physical contact issues, basically ask before you touch please :) )

Salutations! I am Taylor your Treasurer/President’s Pet, here to keep an eye on our money, come to me for membership fees to keep the awesomeness of our society going. Otherwise I will see you to enjoy the apocalyptic insanity that is anime.

Hellooooo! I’m Beccy your secretary and social officer, I’m the person behind the emails and the one who looks after the manic people at anime! Hope to see you all around.

Hello everyone!
I'm Liam, your librarian for this year. I’m a biomedical scientist, however for my additional 20 credits I'm doing beginner Japanese, fancied a break from lab work, and in the Autumn term I should hopefully be running your Japanese sessions. Hope to get to know you guys a bit better over the year!

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